• Journal Pelita Sains Kesehatan

    Jurnal Pelita Sains Kesehatan, is a national journal and is published four times a year. Journal of Health Sciences Pelita is published online by STIKes Pelita Ibu, Address : UPPM Building STIKes Pelita Ibu, Jl. Kampung Baru, Poasia Village, Anduonohu District, Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.


    The scope of the manuscript of the Jurnal Pelita Sains Kesehatan covers the fields of Midwifery, Hospital Administration, and Pharmacy Midwives, as well as other related fields of science. The purpose of publishing the Jurnal Pelita Sains Kesehatan is to provide scientific information about the development of science and technology in the field of Science and Health


    Every manuscript/article that has been published in the Jurnal Pelita Sains Kesehatan can be accessed for free full text.

    The cost of submitting and publishing articles in the Jurnal Pelita Sains Kesehatan is free.